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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System


Njoyn’s New Interview Scheduling Module

Scheduling an Njoyn interview involving more than one company staff member or more than one candidate has never bee…

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4 Ways To Speed Up Your Background Checks

Improving the turnaround time of your background checks helps your company acquire top talent and creates a str…

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Can you trust your candidates’ claims?

A recent Yahoo Finance article reported that Read More

Is hiring bias becoming a hot topic?

We recently wrote two blogs on the topic of unconscious bias and its impact on recr…

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Add value to the new employee experience with preboarding

After a long and complicated search, you’ve found the right candidate and they’…

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Njoyn Expert Featured in Human Resource Director Canada

Leonard Brienza, Director of Consulting at CGI Njoyn, recently contributed to Read More

Helping​ ​check​ ​unconscious​ ​bias​ ​at​ ​the​ ​door

We all have biases, for better or worse. But the concept of bias tends to fall into more negative than positive con…

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Unconscious bias during recruiting

“When American orchestras started using a physical screen during auditions, so tha…

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Surveys: they’re not just for candidate screening anymore

When your job openings attract hundreds of applicants, it’s easy to go cross-eyed …

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Boost confidence with collaborative applicant evaluations

Help hiring managers make more confident choices by using the insights they gain on the candidates they interview. …

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Get continuous improvement with 360-degree process reviews

Your candidate interviewing process needs a 360-degree review. Your hiring managers…

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The Interview Scheduler: An Integral Part of A Class-Leading Recruiting System

Many interview booking processes involve information kept in multiple systems, incl…

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The Njoyn Interview Scheduler: It’s Not Just For Interviews Anymore

Interview schedulers are time-saving features in leading applicant tracking systems. Recruiters use them to create …

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How Njoyn’s Interview Scheduler Makes Interview Planning Easier

Make interview planning easier for everybody involved

Hiring proce…

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Njoyn’s Scheduling Module:
Impress Star Candidates

Impress star candidates with star technology

Companies compete for…

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Lessons From the National Gallery
Navigating multiple open positions

The larger the organization, the more likely it is that it needs to fill multiple o…

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Lessons from the National Gallery
Improving communications for all recruiting stakeholders

Maintaining cordial relationships with job candidates matters to the National Galle…

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Lessons from the National Gallery | Working away from the office

Unforeseen events can disrupt anybody’s workday. Recruiters aren’t immune to su…

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A recruitment system for international organizations

The National Gallery of Canada is a Canadian crown corporation. It has its own bran…

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National Gallery of Canada | Creating job postings the easy way

Creating a new job posting is a time-consuming task when organizations don’t use …

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Challenges to the National Gallery of Canada’s Hiring Process Prior to Njoyn Implementation

The National Gallery of Canada, located in Ottawa, Ontario, faces a number of chall…

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Post Jobs to Several Job Boards to get Results

Every business and organization wants to recruit the best candidate for the job. If you limit your posting to, say,…

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How the City of St. Albert Kept the Hiring Process Moving

In mid-2016, recruitment coordinator Diana Rankin was tracking 27 open positions for the City of St. Albert. These …

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The Benefits of Working with a Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System

It is important to acknowledge that an Applicant Tracking System (ATS can do more that pre-screen applicants, and f…

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How can a City Leverage an Applicant Tracking System?

Every HR department has its own specific hiring requirements. When looking for applicants for a city, government, l…

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How can HR Save Time and Money?

In any business, the human resources (HR) department can ideally contribute towards…

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Challenges The City of St. Albert Faced Before Implementing an Applicant Tracking System

As Northern Alberta has grown more populous, so has the City of St. Albert. Founded in 1861 just northwest of the p…

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5 Tips to go from Interview to On-boarding with the Right Candidate

Finding the right applicant isn’t always easy. When you post a job opening today, it seems as if hundreds of applic…

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How Applicant Tracking Systems Get the Right Resumes to your Inbox

Trying to find the perfect candidate for a job is hard enough, let alone when you have to weed through all of the n…

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Why Companies like Canada Post Need Applicant Tracking Systems.

Canada Post had many recruitment offices that managed their own recruitment activities and processes. They found th…

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LCBO Finds a Recruitment Solution with Njoyn

The LCBO’s recruitment needs are extensive. The complexity of their process being with hiring staff for 634 retai…

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AFSC Finds A Recruitment Solution with Njoyn

AFSC was in urgent need to hire the right people in a timely manner. Experiencing many problems with the HR staff u…

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Giving Applicants the Good News! (Offer Letters)

Telling applicants they have the jobs they seek is a good part of Michelle Robertson’s day. This is when the huma…

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Letting Applicants Down Gently

“Thanks for your interest in company X. We’ve filled this position with a candidate whose profile better matche…

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Can This Person Apply for This Job?

Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario’s Bluewater Health has tailored its talent acquisition system to comply with the collecti…

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Applicant Tracking Made Easy

At one point in March 2016, human resources associate Michelle Robertson was recruiting for 78 different jobs for S…

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Respecting a Union’s Hiring Rules

Many Ontario healthcare facilities that hire nurses must comply with the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) for …

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We Need to Recruit Staff – Fast!

Each time a manager at Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario healthcare facility Bluewater Health needs to hire somebody, an appl…

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Finding Good Candidates Faster

Tracking and prescreening applicants for myriad positions in a major healthcare system is a full-time job. Doing th…

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Bluewater Health Finds a Recruitment Solution with Njoyn.

Located in Ontario within the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network in Sarnia and Petrolia, Bluewater Hea…

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We Have Launched Our New Blog

We are very excited to launch our new blog section. In the coming weeks we will be posting recruiting news, case s…

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