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Njoyn Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking Made Easy

At one point in March 2016, human resources associate Michelle Robertson was recruiting for 78 different jobs for Sarnia-Lambton, Ontario healthcare facility Bluewater Health. This is a typical workload and she’s used various recruitment management tools to handle it.

From four (or more) “partial” recruiting systems…

Her applicant tracking system once involved the following “silos:”

  • a successful applicant list
  • pending postings
  • current postings
  • electronic postings
  • “I’d possibly have to check my emails too,” Robertson adds

… to just one screen

Since moving Bluewater Health’s recruitment system to Njoyn, Robertson now gets an overview of all current and closed postings from on screen in her online recruiter dashboard.

The time she saves getting this overview can’t be overestimated. Each posting’s line quickly shows key information like:

  • job number
  • competition number
  • position
  • date entered
  • number of applicants for the posting
  • current status
  • whether the job was offered
  • whether it was placed (“I don’t use that field until I know the transfer date.”)
  • how many applications were submitted
  • how many applications were reviewed

“I can click on individual postings to see details,” Robertson adds. “It’s easy to remember where I’m at with a posting.” Older or closed postings show up here too. They remind her to follow up with the manager, applicant or other people involved.

Paper folders containing hard copy still inhabits Robertson’s world, but she depends on her online recruitment tools to make her more efficient. Njoyn “keeps things from falling through the cracks,” she says.


This is part 4 of our 7 part in depth and expanded case study of how Njoyn integrates and provides solutions for Bluewater Health. Check out our previous blog: Respecting a Union’s Hiring Rules to read part 3. If your ready to read on, click here for part 5: Can This Person Apply For This Job?,  and if you would like to learn more about Njoyn you can contact us here.